A lot of women want to emulate or mimic celebrities as well as their taste in fashion. From street sighting to red carpet outings, these female fashion icons of unique style and bearing have turn out to be very influential for women all over the world.

Sarah Jessica Parker

She played preferred single gal of Manhattan during her 30s, and this tossed her into remarkable stardom. Her fascination with Manolo Blahniks as well as well-synchronized frocks fired up new generations of ladies who wished to become beautiful and attractive in their slinky heels while sipping with their friends. All and sundry wished to be like her. They are looking forward to kissing her “Mr. Big.”

Blake Lively

She plays the role of Serena in the popular TV series entitled Gossip Girl, undoubtedly one of the best-dressed roles on TV today. It doesn’t matter if she is in her school uniform, night out, an outfit; she continues to support her impeccable sense of fashion when making appearances to the public, making her a real style icon.

Victoria Beckham

This girl will be a forever relevant fashion icon. She already has four kids, but she can maintain that exceptional aristocratic allure through reinventing herself in many characters, from singer to fashion designer. Victoria turned out to be a Fashion Week state face, not only as a model but also as a designer showing her own creations of accessories and dresses. Dressing the covers of various fashion magazines all over the world is second nature for this woman, as she keeps on inspiring women with her brand of girl power.

Katie Holmes

Growing from teen icon to Hollywood nobility, he shows natural style further than her years. She graduated from urban outfitter staples usually worn from the exceptional hit Dawson’s Creek. Katie is indeed a true fashion icon today.

Katie made many heads turn when she gets up the chic bob in her younger years. Her present role as Kennedy Jacqueline seems to shut his fate as a refined glamour girl in the world of Hollywood. And if the tabloid snaps of Suri are something to go by, Katie’s fashion taste has been acquired with grace. We can surely look forward to future style icons in the future.

Angelina Jolie

Everybody knows this lady. She is a Hollywood-style institution. He walks with a mysterious vibe as well as a powerful presence that shines from within. Jolie isn’t only a multi-awarded actress but also an ambassador of goodwill of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. She has six children. Her encouragement advocacy programs, as well as personal life, have just added depth to her qualities.

Other Fashion Icon 

Today Gwen Stefani is a renowned fashion icon with her exceptional style, which inspires confidence as well as ownership of his personality and style. She has embarked on the escapade of inspiring ladies everywhere to wear headpieces, dresses over other pieces of clothing, wears garments which class as well as always love shoes. She has a chic punk personality with her exceptional style of confidence that even brought her to make her own line of fashion clothing.

Some fashion icons are born on the red carpet; perhaps you are familiar with Julia Roberts’s vintage Valentino dress while getting her Oscar awards for Erin Brokovich movie. Who can also forget Sharon Stone’s pairing a Gap t-shirt with her Valentino skirt or even Bjork’s notorious but unforgettable swan dress?

Also, you can be a memorable fashion icon amongst your own social group by daring to wear superb and exceptional styles which reflect your personality with just a glance. However, keep in mind that you don’t need to buy and wear expensive clothing just to reach the label fashion icon. Wearing cheap clothes is fine as long as it matches your personality. Confidence is the key here!