About Me


I’m Bethany Scott, a part-time student/part-time librarian from Utah in the United States of America. I am studying English Literature at college and would consider myself quite an old romantic when it comes to the books I like to read. This blog is my chance to write down my thoughts on many different things that I enjoy in my spare time, largely including my fashion-obsessed side. As you might have worked out by now this is where I get the name of my blog from “The Library Chic” from my occupation and love of books and fashion, and if you asked any of my friends then they would tell you these are the fundamentals that make up my personality. I am a person of opposite personas, I’m either quietly reading by myself in the corner or strutting my stuff in a brand new dress at a college party, there is no in-between (haha)!

When I’m back at home I live with my parents and little brother, we live in a small town so things can get a little boring from time to time, which is why I thought creating a blog in my spare time might help during these quieter times in my life. My mom is an interior designer and we love to go out shopping to look for new and creative furniture, art pieces, and more to add an extra flair to our home and give my mom some ideas for her clients. I will be getting her help when I write some interior design content for my blog because I also love designing… after all it’s basically dressing up your home! But I wouldn’t want to give you false information so my mom can give me that expert advice that should have all our homes looking fabulous for years to come.

I aim for my blog to be a fun activity to occupy my time when I am not studying for finals! If you end up reading my blog then I am very thankful that you took the time to check it out. I will try to get out as many posts as I can but I am aiming for one or two a month, so stay tuned because some library chic content will be coming your way soon!