More About Bethany

This page is going to be a quick interview-style page just so that you can get to know me a little bit better. Sometimes when I read blogs I find it hard to relate or find the essence of the blogger so I thought this might be a good way to bridge that gap and make my blog more enjoyable to read! So, here we go!


What’s your favorite color?

“Green, but more like earthy green, I love natural colors like those that are on my blog page. I find them very calming and helps me to slow down the world so that I can relax. It’s also the perfect color to be surrounded by when you are reading!”


Do you have any pets?

“I used to have a beagle called ‘Cracker’ but he passed away about 2 years ago. I grew up with him so it was really sad when he passed away because he really was my best friend, but he was very old so I know he’s in a better place now.”


What is your favorite movie?

“I love the movie ‘Little Women’ it is one of my favorite books and although the movie isn’t the best I still enjoy the nostalgia it brings for me. There is nothing quite like a classic adaptation of your favorite novel (although they mess a lot of it up, I still tend to enjoy them!)”


What is your favorite snack?

“I am obsessed with flaming hot Doritos, call me crazy but that spice and crunch, I basically live on them whilst I’m at college… I’m not the best cook and cafeteria food is not the greatest!!”


Are you afraid of anything?

“I am very afraid of snakes, I think they look cool but the unpredictability of them is just too scary for me to handle. I remember when I was younger and my mom and dad took me to the zoo, well as soon as I stepped through the door into that snake house I was balling my eyes out the whole way through… my mom is scared of snakes too so I probably got it from her!”


Where is your favorite vacation spot?

“This is a tough question but if I had to choose I would probably say Rome in Italy. I went on a school field trip once and we went to Italy and it was amazing so since I went back a couple more times and found that Rome was my ultimate vacation hotspot. Check it out yourself if you need a new place to visit, the long flight was worth it!”


What job would you like after you finish college?

“I would love to be a newspaper journalist (and write a book on the side). When I was younger I would run around with a journalists pad and pen and scoop up the latest stories that were happening in the Scott household… evidently, there was not much juicy content but I’m sure my family loved my news reports, especially my dad whose meatloaf I described as close to poisoning someone… I think he was super happy about me bashing his cooking skills!”