Working from home has been a trend during this pandemic, and it has been very comfortable in my case. I do not have to wake up early. I do not need to take public transport. I could wear what I want. Even in my pajamas, I could work and get all my unfinished projects done on time.

But recently, the company I have been working for requires us to report to the office since the lockdown has been lifted. I was hesitant because I already fell in love with the idea of working from home. Also, I did not know what to wear.

When I asked my friends, I was surprised because they also had the same experience. Luckily, they gave me quick, practical, and easy fashion tips that I want to share with you.

Below are some you can consider wearing when you go back to the office:


What did you usually wear when you were in the office before the lockdown was implemented? Whatever it was, stick to it, but incorporate some twists.

Perhaps shirts play a big part in your closet? If this is the case, do not be contented with something all-white or plain clothes because it is honestly boring.

While simplicity is beauty, it does not apply to plain shirts. The trick here is to mix up the style. A short-sleeved shirt is perfect. It will make you look professional while giving you more comfort and freedom, too.

You could also consider patterned shirts. But be wary of the design. A subtle pattern should be at the top of your mind, like it is for me.


In the office, there are days we wear formal and casual outfits. I prefer the latter, and polo shirts are my favorites.

Before, I had negative connotations about polo shirts. They were once considered as an old man essential. But, today, things have changed.

They are part of everyone’s closet, and I am one of those people. Don’t blame me, as polo shirts are good.

Perhaps you are used to a small placket around a collar. You don’t have to practice the same thing all the time. Reduce those buttons once you go back to the office, as this will make you look sophisticated.

From there, pair with chinos and tuck in with your preferred belt.

Sometimes, I open a few buttons to look more casual. Then, confidence can add the finishing touch.


During casual workdays, I recommend denim. Like polo shirts, denim is available in multiple designs and colors. Instead of the standard blue denim wash, I prefer black and white jeans as they are versatile. You can pair it to anything you like.

Jeans are also stylish. But look for the right fit. It may take some time to find the perfect style for you. Wearing comfy, long-lasting, and chic denim makes your effort worth it.

For ripped black jeans, a white top and printed blazer are a perfect combination. For long jeans, I would suggest a puff-sleeved top with a structured bag. For boyfriend jeans, I recommend pattern mixing top and heels.

But it is all up to you. Your comfort is what matters the most, after all.


Another easy-to-style office outfit is a jumpsuit. It is ideal for those who have a busy schedule, just like me.

Before, I always came to the office late as dressing up took a lot of time and effort. But everything changed when I wear jumpsuits.

With a jumpsuit, I can dress quickly and feel comfortable during a busy morning. Then, I decide to wear a belt, cute sandals, and accessories to look more trend-savvy and fashionable.

If you have been looking for jumpsuits and are experiencing some troubles, take advantage of stretchy materials for your comfort and peace of mind.

There you go! I hope these back-to-office fashion ideas will be of great help to you. Remember that whatever you wear, you must smile and be confident to complete your look. If you are not used to that, practice makes perfect. Face the mirror and smile. It is tiring at first. But you will soon find it easy and straightforward.

Mingle with your friends and other people as well. But wait for the pandemic to end first. Let’s hope and pray everything will be back to normal soon.